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Whether you need a coating to withstand the corrosion of heavy industrial use or something to resist constant exposure to heat and rain, Independence Automotives has a superior Americoat product for you.

You can find the perfect coating for your ship, watercraft and deck at Independence Automotives. We supply top-of-the-line Americoat products for every marine application.

Supplying coatings for every marine application: ships, decks and tanks.

 •  Football stadiums and oil refineries

 •  Chemical processing and power plants

 •  Wind turbines and water tanks

 •  Food and beverage facilities

 •  Boats and decks

 •  Wastewater plants

Learn more about Americoat products, and explore the other services offered by Independence Automotives: advanced industrial paint products and high-performance automotive refinishes.

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Resist the effects of weather and corrosion

Durable marine coatings

Find affordable coatings for:

The most advanced paint products on the market

Industrial strength, durable, innovative coatings